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Our Products are made from traditional recipes passed down over the last 70+ years.  Everything from the Scottish Meat Pies to Donovan's Famous Haggis is baked using a traditional Celtic recipe and of course the freshest ingredients available in the U.S.

On your left there are several links listed under Celtics Foods. Our Traditional Celtic Products page will provide you with pictures of our foods and a brief description of each item.  Our Cooking Instructions page is simply just that, a list of cooking instructions by item for you to reference as you prepare our fine products within the warmth of your own home.  Also listed is a Catalogue page which will allow you to download a copy of our products and their prices.  Please remember to check back often for a new copy of the Catalogue as we will be adding new items as time permits as well as update any price changes as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy our products and would ask if you find you are completely satisfied with our foods and cannot keep our foods a secret, please give us one of the best compliments possible in the food industry, 'tell a friend about us'.

Please do not forget to attend at least one of the Celtic Festivals which we participate in, it is something you will look forward to year after year.