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Thank you for visiting our website. Donovan's Celtic Foods has been around for more then 70 years baking and serving some of the finest Celtic foods along the East Coast and the Mid-Western United States.

Formerly known as Howarth's Imports of Philadelphia, PA which was relocated in 1983 and re-named International Gourmet of Elkins Park, PA, and which now resides in Warrington, PA, doing business as Donovan's Celtic Foods, has a long tradition with the Celtic community across the U.S.

Over the last few decades of relocations and name changes many things at Donovan's have stayed the same. The Owners (Frank and Diane Donovan) have consistently provided the freshest and most traditional Celtic foods through Celtic Festivals up and down the East Coast, Celtic Catering events in the Philadelphia region and now once again over the internet.

                                       Donovan's Celtic Foods continues to bake fine foods from four Celtic lands.